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What is Foot Reading?

Feet are so expressive - there is so much they can tell you!

Have you ever wondered why some people have long toes and others short? Or why your fourth toe bends in a direction different to all the others? Why do you have bunions but your sister doesn't?

Foot Reading answers all these questions and more. It is a brilliant way of understanding personality and emotions through observation of the characteristics of the feet.

Foot Reading. Baby feet

These beautiful baby feet belong to a baby who will be an independent thinker, full of original ideas but someone who takes their time to get it right. They will be a free spirit, full of cheeky cheer and always enjoying new challenges.

How do I know? Foot reading is most definitely not mind reading or fortune telling, but there are many clues in the feet beyond our control that demonstrate who we are and how we live our lives. Understanding more about our feet can help us recognise areas of our life we may want to change, or areas of our life we may want to celebrate.

If you want to find out more, please contact me to make a booking for your very own foot reading!

Career support

Strange as it may seem, foot reading can help you in making new career choices. Would you like to understand why the job you do is not fulfilling? Would you like help in uncovering your hidden talents? The feet reflect your innate abilities but because we do not always choose to recognise what these skills are, we push them to one side and follow another path. I will take time with you to establish what your natural abilities are and support you in recognising your natural talents.Maybe now is the time to dip your toe in the water and plan what your future may hold?

Foot reading for guidance

Are you looking to change career?
Do you have decisions to make but not sure how?
Are you undecided about different aspects within your life?
Foot reading is a useful tool for helping you identify your strengths and natural abilities. By identifying the indicators your feet demonstrate, we will help you find your inner guidance reflected through your feet.

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