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I am a member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, training with Barbara Scott - expert in Reproflexology. Reproflexology is a specialism within reflexology that works to a special protocol in order to support your fertility needs. Needless to say it also offers the traditional benefits of well-being and relaxation that can be gained from reflexology. Reproductive Reflexologists undertake continual training to remain knowledgeable in fertility developments, so you can be assured of high standards. Fertility concerns often bring about many questions, please do contact me for an informal chat about whether Reproflexology is right for you and how it can help. If you wish to know more, please contact me to discuss more fully.

Reflexology to support Fertility Issues

Reflexology can support you and your partner as you try to conceive, whether you are in the early stages of planning your family, or already going through infertility investigations and treatment. Wherever you are in your journey, reflexology treatments can provide relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety, as well as providing support for any other health issues that you may suffer from.

Fertility and Maternity Reflexology. Solar Plexus feet

How can fertility reflexology help me?
The aim of reflexology is to restore balance within the body and optimise well-being, and in so doing provide a treatment that enables relaxation and relief from stress. The benefits of this alone during a time of infertility are of great help.

As a fertility reflexologist I will tailor a treatment plan to optimise your well-being, which will be relevant to where you are in your cycle or what stage of treatment you are at.
Because reflexology is a holistic therapy encompassing all aspects of mind and body, I will also work with you to support you in making lifestyle changes that may be suggested to support your fertility.

Can fertility reflexology help me conceive?
Stress is a major reason for infertility, and by addressing as many factors as you can that cause you stress, and your ability to deal with stress, you will be putting yourself in the best place to conceive. Your ability to conceive does depend on the cause of your infertility and for this reason it is important that you also work with your GP or consultant who can advise you best on the medical approach to support your infertility. If you choose to visit a reflexologist to support you in this journey, the relaxation and relief from tension can provide a stable base to enable you to cope with the challenges that you face. You will always be treated with compassion and understanding.

Assisted Conception

I am willing to work with clients who are planning to or who are already going through assisted conception procedures such as IVF, ICSI and IUI. Because I have undertaken comprehensive training with Barbara Scott in Reproductive Reflexology, you can be assured that I will always work to complement the needs of your medicated treatment, and will always respect the advice of your medical practitioners. I am happy to chat through how I can help, so please do contact me with any questions.

Fertility and Maternity Reflexology. MaternityandFertility

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology is extremely beneficial in pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and in the post-natal period while the body is undergoing many hormonal, physical and physiological changes. The relaxation and relief from stress and tension that reflexology offers are able to support these changes in the body and provide some relaxing time out to recharge and rebalance mind, body and spirit.

How can Reflexology help?
Reflexology throughout pregnancy is a great way to aid relaxation, reduce stress and allow time to focus on yourself and your baby. The symptoms that may arise during pregnancy such as nausea, exhaustion, unsettled emotions, pelvic pain and backache, can be supported through regular reflexology treatments, bringing the body back into balance and optimising physical and emotional health.

How many sessions will I need?
To gain the most benefit from this very relaxing and rejuvenating therapy, it is advised to have regular sessions during pregnancy, perhaps once or twice a month, or more frequently as you progress closer to your due date. Many people hope to use reflexology as a way of prompting labour, which is generally more effective if you are already used to the benefits that reflexology can bring, as your body and mind already know how to respond to treatments.

Can Reflexology help my labour to start?
There is no evidence that reflexology can induce labour, but there are specialist techniques that a maternity reflexologist can use to encourage your baby to begin their journey - but only if your baby is ready to be born! These techniques seem to work more readily on people who are used to having reflexology and have already adjusted to the benefits that reflexology can bring.

If the pregnancy is not full term I will not be able to provide these special techniques. I will also usually need to see you at least once for a general treatment to assess your response to reflexology, before a specialist treatment to encourage labour can be provided.

The best way to encourage babies along is to remain as relaxed and stress free as possible, and although this is not always easy in the later stage of pregnancy, reflexology is the perfect way to help you achieve this.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all on how maternity reflexology can help you.

Medical advice

As a qualified Maternity and Fertility reflexologist, I will ensure it is safe and appropriate to carry out treatments with you, but I also encourage you to seek medical advice from your doctor or consultant, and to advise them that you are receiving treatment from a fertility reflexologist.

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